Image: The Prisoners' Hands, 2013. 16mm film projection still.

Amy Feneck is an artist based in London. Her work spans photography, writing, moving image and participatory projects.
She collaborates with Ruth Beale on The Alternative School of Economics.

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Speaking to the City
September 1st - December 14th 2018
The Alternative School of Economics has been in residence at Phytology, Bethnal Green Nature Reserve working on a commission for the billboard. Phytology is an artist led project exploring use, value, resilience and function of wildness within urban ecosystems.
The billboard is set within the site and faces outwards towards the City of London. Our project responds to its position, using the billboard as a space in which to ‘speak to the city’ with a series of statements that evolve and change each week over a period of 4 months.
Taking on the radical East End tradition of resistance, the billboard statements act as a challenge to the City and its logic of prosperity through financial growth. Drawing on our interest in the politics of language and how words carry social historical meanings, a series of simple statements such as ‘we work’, ‘we question’, ‘we fight’ and ‘we multiply’ suggest a process or story of collective action.
Like a puzzle or game, each word morphs into the next by adding and covering letters, pasted up by members and users of Phytology, the local community and ourselves. As each word becomes the next, a narrative of resistance is told as the seasons change from Summer to Winter.
Look out for changing words and seasons in weekly photographs of the billboard on Alternative School of Economics site

The Britishness Project
Opening March 16th 2018.
The Alternative School of Economics will be presenting new work made in collaboration with Year 11 students from the Gilberd School in Colchester, Essex in an exhibition at FirstSite Gallery, Colchester.

A Gentle Visual Fire - Book Launch at Marx Memorial Library and Workers' School, London. Thursday 30th November, 7-8:30pm.
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